View on Tableau Public for the interactive version | data source as provided by Rails to Trails

This is my MakeoverMonday2021 W1 attempt, albeit quite late to the party.

The main things I want the viz to simply point out:

  1. Bar chart — Variance in %. Obviously, the peak seasons are in the warmer months of the year, from Spring to Summer. However, the…

My very first hands-on machine learning project — and what did I learn from it?

Photo by Simon Abrams on Unsplash

This past weekend I attended an online class held by Generation Girl specifically on building an image classification web application, led by our awesome mentor, Crystal Widjaja. I had such a great time learning that I wanted to share my personal experience with you!

It was held on Saturday at 4AM in where I live — the plan was to sleep earlier and show up for the 2.5hrs …

Photo: Saulo Mohana via Unsplash

I still remember the early days. Freshly released into the ‘real’ world after university, going back to my home country that I’d left for almost 7 years, I was quickly building up a new routine like a proper adult— alarm set on repeat every morning, the typical commute in a big metropolitan, lunch time, feel-important meetings and everything else in between. I was being paid to show up and deliver work on time. Great. I had my life neatly scheduled, too. And weekends all for myself. No coursework, no exams. Hmm, the early days.

But it did not take long…

Shanen Arantza

Personal Development | Data Analytics & Visualisation

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