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This is my MakeoverMonday2021 W1 attempt, albeit quite late to the party.

The main things I want the viz to simply point out:

  1. Area chart — High level, summary trend view of the number of sightings week by week between 2019 vs 2020, with year reference lines to emphasize the message that overall, 2020 sees a higher average count.
  2. Bar chart — Variance in %. Obviously, the peak seasons are in the warmer months of the year, from Spring to Summer. However, the…

My very first hands-on machine learning project — and what did I learn from it?

Photo by Simon Abrams on Unsplash

This past weekend I attended an online class held by Generation Girl specifically on building an image classification web application, led by our awesome mentor, Crystal Widjaja. I had such a great time learning that I wanted to share my personal experience with you!

It was held on Saturday at 4AM in where I live — the plan was to sleep earlier and show up for the 2.5hrs …

Photo by Clemens van Lay on Unsplash

Or, “what is your transition journey like?” and “how do I get started?

These are the most common questions that we see many data professionals, seasoned and newbies, ask each other. I’ve witnessed this repetitive exchange from the tons of hours I’ve spent roaming around various virtual communities and webinars — as long as it’s got my golden keywords, i.e. ‘Tableau’, ‘analytics’, ‘data anything’, I am down for it!

You see, if there is one good thing that comes out of this whole pandemic situation, it is the fact that it’s torn down all barriers to joining many great data…

Photo: Saulo Mohana via Unsplash

I still remember the early days. Freshly released into the ‘real’ world after university, going back to my home country that I’d left for almost 7 years, I was quickly building up a new routine like a proper adult— alarm set on repeat every morning, the typical commute in a big metropolitan, lunch time, feel-important meetings and everything else in between. I was being paid to show up and deliver work on time. Great. I had my life neatly scheduled, too. And weekends all for myself. No coursework, no exams. Hmm, the early days.

But it did not take long…

Shanen Arantza

Personal Development | Data Analytics & Visualisation

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